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Motorcycle loan: Loans as fast as a Harley
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December 03, 2001

By: Bev Dodd

Motorcycle loan: Loans as fast as a Harley

Remember your rider when you secure a motorcycle loan and you're ready for the road on your new bike. If there's a need to include the cost of insurance in your motorcycle loan, don't forget when you are applying for your loan to include. We'll discuss this more below.

If you think about your credit report when applying for a motorcycle loan remember, credit bureaus have no legal power over you, the government does not run them; so don't be intimidated by them. They are the Credit Bureaus because they own large computer systems capable of storing credit information on everyone in the United States. However, because of the tremendous amounts of information on their computers, their method of storing information is very basic and ridden with many errors. Since the bureaus have made so many errors in the past, all Federal Laws regarding credit information are very much in your favor.

After you secured your motorcycle loan and it's time to show your new bike off to your friends remember the person on the back and give them a few tips on what to wear. Wear clothing that will give you some protection in the unlikely event of a spill. As a minimum, you should wear, footwear that protects your feet and your ankles (hiking boots are good), durable pants--leather is best, abrasion resistant jacket that zips or buttons up close to the neck, gloves and eye protection.

Don't forget to include the cost of insurance when thinking about the total dollar value of your motorcycle loan Companies tend to lower rates as the bike gets older. There can be a big difference between two bikes that are the same make and model but a few years different. If you're insuring for liability only, the age of the bike doesn't matter. With a lot of insurance companies rates are based on the CC size of the bike, or, with some companies, the weight makes the rate. So let's say you have a 600cc bike that weighs only 400 lbs., it may be better to choose the company that goes by weight rather than CCs.

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