Bad Credit Auto Refinancing Loan
Bad credit auto refinancing loan: Low rates, fast service
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December 05, 2001

By: Bev Dodd

Bad credit auto refinancing loan: Low rates, fast service

After you have your bad credit auto refinancing loan keep your car looking great. Pre-qualify for a bad credit auto refinancing loan if you plan on trading it in. We'll discuss this more below.

When you have picked the vehicle you wish to buy and are ready to get your bad credit auto refinancing loan there is one thing you must do before you come to a final decision. Test drive the vehicle and ask the dealer if you can have the vehicle thoroughly checked out by a mechanic before you buy it; especially if you are buying it "AS-IS", without a warranty. Look the vehicle over closely to be sure everything works. Ask specific questions, such as, has the car ever been in a major accident. What is the condition of the brakes, etc?

Here are a few tips to keep your car looking great, after you get your bad credit auto refinancing loan. Remove old bumper stickers with lighter fluid. Soak stickers for a few minutes then gently remove with a razor blade. A steel wool pad with soap cleans white sidewalls the best. Clean splattered bugs off with baking soda and a nylon net. When white walls are clean use a little vinyl top wax to keep them clean longer. Clean headlights, chrome and enamel with baking soda. Prevent rust by keeping the underside of your car clean also. Place a lawn sprinkler under your car and turn on full blast.

If it's time for a trade in or a new vehicle, first go to one of our on-line lenders and pre-qualify for a bad credit auto refinancing loan. That will tell you how much you can afford and what type of monthly payment you will have to budget for.

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