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New car loan: Research your options
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December 07, 2001

By: Bev Dodd

New car loan: Research your options

A car is one of the most important and costly purchases you may make. By preparing yourself before you start shopping for a new car loan, you can make the buying process much easier. Besides helping you decide what is best for you, your research and preparation for a new car loan will help you get the best deal. We'll discuss this more below.

Some people may have saved enough money to be able to pay cash for a new car. Others must finance the purchase with a new car loan. Take a careful look at your budget to determine how much you can afford to spend as a down payment on a new car and how much you can spend on monthly payments, dealer financing isn't your only option. Before you buy, contact the banks where you have your savings, checking, credit card or business accounts. Ask about the going rate for car loans. Also ask about discount rates for loans tied to your other accounts.

An online new car loan is available to people with all types of credit - you can purchase a new or used car from a dealer or a used car from a private individual. Some websites also offer refinances of existing car loans and lease buyouts. There are no fees associated with online auto loans and they are available for all types of vehicles. If you're in the car buying market, check out one of the auto loan websites - they can save you time, but most of all money.

For a new car loan, the 0% APR loans apply only to very few people with perfect credit, on car loans 12 to 36 months. Reports stated only 20% of car buyers can actually get 0%. You should still try for 0% APR, but make sure you have a backup plan if you are rejected. One Ford dealer says he gets people 0% APR with a credit score of less than 680 (prime). If you want 48 or 60 months you can't get 0%. Remember, the ads say "for qualified buyers".

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