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Personal loan: fast results with low rates
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December 11, 2001

By: Bev Dodd

Personal loan: fast results with low rates

A personal loan can come in any size, shape or form; our lenders have a term that is just right for your budget. A personal loan is a great way to get that home improvement done that you always wanted.

Think first what type of personal loan you want. One of our many lenders may be able to offer you a loan option that better suits your circumstances. There are an increasing variety of different types of personal credit these days; car loans, commercial loans, leases, home equity loans, are just some of the examples.

If your personal loan is for a home improvement, and you cannot pay for the project without a personal loan, it is a wise idea to put a clause in your contract with the contractor, stating that the agreement is valid only if financing is obtained. Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans for home improvements are available through certain banks and other lending institutions. However, FHA requires that the lender approve any contractor associated with the loan request and will not guarantee the work or the contractor. Be wary of any contractor who tells you that he/she has been approved or endorsed by the FHA.

Remember bankers take a good look at your credit history before granting any personal loan. If you have a record of paying utility, credit card and other bills promptly, your chances of getting a loan are significantly increased. While it is preferable you pay off your credit card balances each month, you must at least pay the minimum payment on a timely basis. Also, limit the number of credit cards you hold in your name.

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