Loan And Bad Credit
Loan and bad credit: Find reputable repair
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December 07, 2001

By: Bev Dodd

Loan and bad credit: Find reputable repair

If you have a poor credit rating, and are searching for a loan and bad credit service, try to make your credit report seem more attractive to potential lenders. But beware of loan and bad credit scams that make poor credit erased too easily. We'll discuss this more below.

Getting a loan online can make the hassles of the loan process a lot smoother. Use technology for your benefit. But try making sure that the mortgage can be offered in your city and state, since the Internet is universal in scope. You don't want to be applying for a loan and bad credit loan rate from a banker located in Fiji if you live in California.

To make your credit more attractive to a loan and bad credit lender, you may wish to consider reducing the number of revolving charge accounts that are listed as active on your credit report. Lenders will sometimes view too much revolving debt as a negative when considering a loan application.

If you are thinking of trying to repair your credit before applying for a loan and bad credit loan remember, bad credit repair services have plenty of credit repair scams to take your money. One credit repair scam is costly and risks putting you behind bars on felony charges. Many credit doctors have ads that state, "erase your bad credit" or "you'll have new credit in no time", or" Start over with a clean slate", they love to spam you with it. Ignore any spam you receive related to credit repair, credit doctors, or automobile title loans. Honest, professional, real credit repair services don't spam. Many of these spammers just take off with your cash and don't tell you anything. Even if the company is a national credit repair company, be suspicious if they suggest you create a new Social Security # or a new EIN.

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