Mobile Home Loan
Mobile home loan: Getting you in your home fast
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December 11, 2001

By: Bev Dodd

Mobile home loan: Getting you in your home fast

The interior design of your home is just as important as a mobile home loan. While you are waiting for your mobile home loan approval, don't forget about site preparation. We'll discuss this more below.

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Just as important as a mobile home loan is the interior design of your home. These can include custom cabinets; walk-in closets; bathrooms with recessed tubs and whirlpools; and wood-burning fireplaces. Because most manufacturers use computer-assisted design, you'll have flexibility in choosing variations to floor plans and decor. You can choose from a variety of exterior designs, depending on your taste and budget. Exterior siding comes in an array of colors and materials including metal, vinyl, wood and hardboard. Awnings, enclosures around the crawl space, patio covers, decks and steps also are available.

Remember these tips if you're having the home installed on your own land, you may be responsible for site preparation. But it's also a good idea to have your retailer or installer inspect the site. Here's a site preparation checklist: 1. The delivery truck must be able to reach the site. 2. The site must be as level as possible. 3. The area where the home will sit must be clear of trees, rocks, and other debris. All our mobile home loan lenders can help you with all the little details you need to know.

If you are interested in purchasing a mobile home, it is important to know the role in which FHA would play. FHA is an insuring agent for the mortgage company/bank. FHA has many different programs for potential mobile home loan borrowers and they insure loans for Single Family Residences, i.e., one, two, three and four unit properties. The term single family does not relate to your marital status. FHA mortgages are available to individuals regardless of marital status.

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